Junior Memory Championship

Working with schools to promote memory skills for kids. 
Sponsored by the Learning Skills Foundation®

Teaching Year 5 & 6 Children
vital memory skills

What is the Junior Memory Championship?
The purpose of the Junior Memory Championship is to equip children with valuable and effective memory skills, helping them to achieve their very best results in SATs and other end-of-year tests and setting them up as confident learners for life. These memory skills show children how much they can improve their learning when they know how. 

Through the JMC we've seen the impact of memory training over the past 14 years: individual children, but also on their teachers and whole schools. While the real value in the JMC lies in the training materials for you to teach your children, as an added incentive we also run an optional online contest for the many children who enjoy some competition!

Our training plan has been specifically designed to fit into your normal timetable. The JMC has already proved itself as an effective project that's easy to run, with a rapid impact, but we've made several additional innovations this year, including:

A set of instructional video clips for teachers, explaining each of the memory training sessions

A slimmed-down set of online competition tests (which can be done in a single lesson), helping the children to show off the results of their training and compete for a place in the national final

The registration fee (£50 + VAT) gives you access to all the training materials, videos, lesson plans and other resources, plus full guidance to take part in the online competition.  

As well as certificates for everyone taking part, the top performers are invited to the Final with the chance to win some great prizes at the Final and, of course, the title of Junior Memory Champion 2022.

Teachers who have taken part in the past tell us that:

Children enjoy the JMC

The JMC boosts their personal and academic confidence

The JMC skills they learn help children with their SATS and other exams

The whole school gets excited about memory and learning

Once learnt, these JMC memory techniques are benefits for life

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