Junior Memory Championship

Working with schools to promote memory skills for kids. 
Sponsored by the Learning Skills Foundation®

Teaching Year 5 & 6 Children
vital memory skills

What's it about?

To achieve their full potential in school, children need to be equipped with the best strategies to absorb information in an efficient, coherent and creative way. They need to feel confident in their ability to learn a wide range of material in a form that is useful and lasting - to succeed in tests and exams, but also to achieve an education rich enough to drive lifelong success.

Too many children fail simply because they are not let in on the secrets of memory; the phenomenally powerful yet often beautifully simple learning techniques that have existed for centuries and are needed more urgently now than ever before.

From September primary school aged children (10-11 year olds) from around the UK are invited to join the search for Britainís rising memory stars. The Learning Skills Foundation provides them, their parents and their schools with all the materials they need to develop powerful memory strategies and to start putting them into practice. Run through the schools themselves, the Junior Memory Championship focuses on the educational benefits of a trained memory, allowing the children to show just how much more they can achieve when their memory skills are under their control.

After the training comes the competition itself: an online memory challenge involving an exciting array of disciplines, culminating in a final in London at which the new Junior Memory Champion is crowned.

The Junior Memory Championship introduces a generation to the life- changing power of memory. It allows them to explore the benefits of memory training in every area of their education, testing their ability to remember a variety of relevant information. It celebrates their success, provides valuable data on the impact of learning skills, and aims to raise educational standards by embedding memory skills at the heart of our school system.

Children love a challenge. This is one that can change their lives: exciting and inspiring them to make memory skills central to their success - in school and in all the years to come.

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