Junior Memory Championship

Working with schools to promote memory skills for kids. 
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Teaching Year 5 & 6 Children
vital memory skills

Founder Jonathan Hancock BA (Oxon) PGCE

I was very fortunate to encounter memory techniques while I was still at school. I vividly remember the excitement I felt when I learnt the Ďsecretsí of memory. The possibilities were thrilling: suddenly I could learn quickly and easily, explore my interests, take subjects further - and all this while employing fun and creative strategies that simply made learning easier.

In my career since I have seen the life-changing power of memory techniques. In an hour with thirty South London teenagers, I saw them transformed from cynical, reluctant learners to passionate achievers, cheering their own success in using a technique that took five minutes to perfect. I saw a spark being ignited: the thought that, if learning could be this easy, if confidence could grow this quickly, what else might they be able to achieve?

As a trainer, writer and now teacher, I have seen how memory strategies can change childrenís whole approach to school. Empowering them to control their learning gives them access to the richest form of education, full of personal interest and real knowledge.

I am delighted to be the Founder of the Junior Memory Championship. I was the first World Student Memory Champion, the youngest World Memory Champion and a two-time Guinness World-Record holder - so I know the fun and thrill of competition. Iím convinced that every child who takes part will benefit hugely, and that the effects will spread throughout schools. I want to make this venture the start of a major change in education, providing proof of the essential role of memory and learning techniques and encouraging teachers and children to co-operate in developing the best memory skills.

You donít simply learn to learn by learning! You have to have access to a range of strategies; encouragement and space to try them and find the ones that work for you; and opportunities and motivation to put them into practice. When you see them work, like I did at school, your approach to learning is never the same again.

I want the Junior Memory Championship to bring memory skills to prominence, and give all children access to the very best tools for learning success. Letís celebrate the possibilities that open up when you switch on the awesome power of childrenís brains.

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