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Junior Memory Championship™ 2022

Zara is the new Junior Memory Champion!

Eleven-year-old Zara’s stellar performance secured her the title at this year’s online event, where she overcame a stiff challenge from some of the country’s other top young learners.

The finalists were the star performers in a series of memory tests taken by children across the UK. Since September, they’d been following a specially-written training programme, preparing to take part in The Junior Memory Championship – organised by The Learning Skills Foundation.

The finalists were put through their paces one more time by the championship’s Founder, the author and former World Memory Champion Jonathan Hancock. From their schools across the country, they took part in a new series of challenges, testing their ability to learn numbers, words, facts, and faces.
On the way to victory, Zara managed to memorise 30 random words in order, and an incredible 52 digits – after just five minutes’ study.

Second place this year went to Charlotte Josling from Redmaids’ High School. She scored 90% in a test of factual recall, and 100% in the Names and Faces challenge.
Charlotte’s teacher, Grace Wakelin, described the positive impact of the JMC. “The girls themselves are amazed at what they can achieve.”

Third place went to Ema Nacu from Bridgewater School, who also recorded a perfect score in the Names and Faces test.
The JMC’s Founder, Jonathan Hancock, said: “I never cease to be amazed at the impact of memory techniques. Year after year, the children demonstrate the benefits of memory training. By using our activities, lessons, games and challenges, they supercharge their learning, and gain real confidence to perform under pressure.”

Since its launch in 2008, the Junior Memory Championship has introduced memory techniques to tens of thousands of children across the UK.

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