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The Junior Memory Club®
The Junior Memory Club is accessible to all pupils of participating schools through the Competitors' Zone.

The Club is your chance to get advice and support from Jonathan Hancock, the Founder of The Junior Memory Championship.

Regularly updated with memory games, puzzles, tricks and challenges, the Club pages will offer fascinating insights into the things you can do with your memory skills.

Find out more about the history of memory, and some of the amazing people who've helped us understand how it works.

Learn new skills to help you in the Championship, and pick up extra ideas about showing off your magical memory to family and friends.

Take the memory challenges to see how close you can come to being a World Record Breaker like Jonathan!

Share your thoughts, tips and triumphs with other competitors around the country.

Get answers to your memory questions from Jonathan Hancock himself.

Membership of the Club will be awarded to all pupils in participating schools. Even if you’re not old enough to compete in the Junior Memory Championship, you can still make the most of the Club for support, inspiration and challenging fun
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Junior Memory Championship™
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