Junior Memory Championship Shield

ISBN13: 9780273750055,
Nov, 2011, paperback, 216pp

Is there a secret to successful study? The answer is ‘yes’!

This book contains essential skills and smart strategies that will help you to improve your results at school or university.

Junior Memory Championship™
Working with schools to promote memory skills for kids
Sponsored by Learning Skills Foundation®

About the book:

This easy-to-use guide identifies and addresses the areas where most students need help with basic memory skills and techniques that are essential in everyday life and academic study and provides straightforward, practical tips and solutions that will enable you to assess and then improve your performance.

How To Improve Your Memory For Study provides all of the tips, tools and techniques that you will need to improve your ability to explore, process, store and use the vast range of information needed to succeed in your studies and maximise your performance and results, including:

About the author:

Jonathan is a graduate of Oxford University, a double world record breaker and former World Memory Champion, and the author of ten books on memory and learning. He has demonstrated his learning techniques on numerous radio and TV programmes, run memory training courses in business and education, and now works as a teacher in a busy city school. In 2008 he joined forces with The Learning Skills Foundation to become Founder of The Junior Memory Championship, the first national memory competition for primary-school children. He is preparing to launch The Senior Memory Championship.

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