Junior Memory Championship Shield
The Nationwide Memory Championship for Primary Schools now going into its 9th year.
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"Memory Tricks and Techniques to boost Students' Learning"

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Junior Memory Championship™
Working with schools to promote memory skills for kids. 
Sponsored by the Learning Skills Foundation®
"Memory Skills may soon be king"   by Richard Vaughan featuring the Junior Memory Championship.  Issue date 16th November 2012. Click the image to see the content
For older students

BBC's Radio 4's Midweek 5th Dec 2012 with Jonathan Hancock.  By kind permission of the BBC.
"By connecting visual images, children can develop impressive memory skills and learn to focus their thinking"

Says Helen O'Callaghan

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March 2013
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Junior Memory Championship™ 2017
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The Junior Memory Championship

The Junior Memory Championship is a pioneering educational project from The Learning Skills Foundation®.

Now going into its ninth year, the competition promotes memory techniques in schools, working with teachers to introduce pupils to the benefits of powerful learning strategies.

When you register, your children will be eligible to compete in the online stages of the Championship in March 2017.

When you take part in the JMC you receive:

The short in-school training sessions help children to develop powerful memory strategies that will help them in every area of their education. Then, in March 2017, your Year 6 children take a series of online memory challenges, testing their learning skills against competitors from around the country. The children with the best scores are invited to the Final in London in June 2017 at which the new Junior Memory Champion will be crowned.

Tel: +44 207 736 1772
an INSET pack to welcome you to the project
video clips explaining the key learning techniques

a full memory training program for the Year 6 children in your school, plus extra lessons to use in the run-up to the competition itself
A wide range of detailed lesson plans weaving memory training into the curriculum
materials to develop learning skills in other year-groups and throughout your school community
Emma Lester is officially the best young learner in the UK. On Sunday 12th June the Year 6 pupil from Walthamstow Hall Junior School became the new national Junior Memory Champion, winning a very hotly-contested final at London Zoo and amazing the audience with her learning skills.
At London Zoo the very best children were put through their paces by the championship's Founder, former World Memory Champion Jonathan Hancock. This year's challenges included a memory test about the London Underground, as well as numbers, words, and a collection of names and faces.
Emma Lester  Jonathan Hancock  Alfie Phillipson  Sophia Mackie
Marvellous Memory!

Primary National Curriculum

The new Primary National Curriculum has been launched - and there is a clear emphasis throughout on the importance of memory.

In every area, at every age, children now need a range of memory skills to reach their full potential and make the most of all the learning opportunities on offer.

In literacy lessons there are poems to perform from memory; lists of prescribed spellings to memorize; technical terms for increasingly complex features of language to remember and use well.

In maths, children must now master specific written calculation strategies as well as developing quick and flexible mental methods.

Children need to be able to recall key geographical and historical facts.

Older children are required to learn a foreign language.

And mastering the technical demands of computer coding is just one of the many ways in which children's memory skills are being challenged like never before.

The Junior Memory Championship trains primary-school children to be confident in a range of conscious, practical, exciting and effective memory skills. It introduces them to ways of remembering that have been around for centuries: powerful strategies that can be applied to every area of the new curriculum. Combining logical and creative thinking skills, these techniques help children to engage with learning in new ways, connecting different areas of knowledge and understanding and demonstrating their abilities with confidence and flair.

The new Primary National Curriculum challenges children to know more, understand more, compare, connect, invent, apply, perfect, evaluate… In every area, expectations have been raised.

So do your children have the learning skills - in particular, the memory skills - to meet them?

Due to the overwhelming number of schools registered this year, the online competition will now run from the beginning of March until the end of April